Storage Squad is proud to offer shipping services to fit any customer’s needs. Through our partnership with UPS, we are capable of offering shipping in addition to storage or as a service on its own.

Shipping Process

To sign up for shipping, simply schedule an appointment and enter your shipping information on the signup form. When labeling items for shipping, please remember to use a separate item count from that of your stored items and write “SHIPPING” along with your destination address on each item pre-packaged item. Your items will be sent on the date you select.

Services Offered

  • Shipping AND Storage – Need to store some items but want to ship the rest home? Not a problem. We will pickup both shipping and storage items at the date and time window selected on your Order Form.
  • Storage TO Shipping – This service is for those who need their items stored for a period of time before shipping to a location in another city.
  • Shipping ONLY – We offer shipping as a standalone service as well. Simply fill out the scheduling form on your school’s page and choose the shipping service! It’s that easy!

Please note that to sign up for shipping please do so using the scheduling form located on your school‘s page.


Pricing is dependent upon size, weight, and destination. Typically, shipping our Mega Box (24″x18″x16″) will cost between $30-60. Once your shipment has been transported to our warehouse we will determine the exact price based on size, weight, and destination. An invoice will then be added to you Customer Portal and can be paid with any major credit card.

Estimated Shipping Calculator

Use this form to estimate your shipping costs. Please note that pricing may vary slightly based on the exact weight and measurements as determined by UPS.

Zip Code Information

Package Dimensions (Inches)